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Dua'a Abu Hamza Thumali    دعاء أبی حمزة الثمالی

Abu Hamza Thumali (r.a) was a close companion of Imam Sajjad (a.s) He has related that during the month of Ramadhan Imam Sajjad (a.s) used to spend a greater part of the night in prayers and when it used to be the time of beginning of the fast he recited the following dua'a. This dua'a has been recorded in the book Misabh

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In the name of Allah,
The Beneficent, The Merciful

O Allah: Do not discipline me by means of Your punishment, And do not subject me to Your planned strategy . From where do I obtain the bounties, O' Lord, while none can be found except with You, And how can I seek salvation while it can be granted by none but You, Neither can the good-doer do without Your help and mercy, nor can the sinful one who offended You (when sinning), and displeased You, bypass the realm of Your power and capacity. O' my Lord, O' my Lord, O' my Lord...(repeat until out of breath)

I knew of You by You, and You directed me to You and called me to You, and without You I would not have known what You are. All Praise is for Allah whom I call upon with my needs then He answers me, even though I was slow when He calls upon me. All Praise is for Allah whom I supplicate and He grants me (what I plead for) even though I was stingy when He sought a loan from me.

All Praise is for Allah whom I call upon with my needs whenever I wish, and I entrust Him with my secrets without an intercessor, and He grants me my wishes. All Praise is for Allah whom I do not plead to anyone but Him, for if I pleaded to others, they would not grant me. All Praise is for Allah who dignified me by becoming the Disposer of my affairs, instead of making me rely on others who then would humiliate me. All Praise is for Allah who endeared me even though He is not in need of me. All Praise is for Allah who treats me with clemency, just as if I have no sin. So my Lord is the most praised by me of all, and most worthy of my praise.

O' Allah! I find the roads of wishes to You wide open, And the rivers of hope to You vast and running, And counting on Your bountifulness (in times of need) for those who wished You freely accessible, And the gates of prayer to those who are disparate, wide ajar, And I know that You are for those who ask You in the position of answer, And for those who are distressed, You are in a posture of rescue. And in disparately seeking Your generosity and being content with Your judgment, I find it compensating from the rejection of the misers, and more satisfying than the handouts of the selfish. And truly traveling to You is short in duration, and You do not veil Yourself from Your creatures unless their own misdeeds would block them from You. And I have sought You for my wish, and directed my need to You, and I depend on You for my rescue, and I assign my pleading to You by praying to You, doing this while knowing that I am not worthy of Your listening to me nor do I have a right on You to pardon me, but I do so because I trust in Your generosity, and I submit to Your true promise (to answer our prayers) and I take refuge through believing in Your unity, and through my certainty of knowledge about You, that indeed I have no other god or lord but You, only You; there is no partner for You. O' my Lord! You did say and all of what You say is true and what You promise is unconditional that " O' (believers) ask Allah of His bounty, for Allah is Merciful towards you", And it is not from Your features, O' my Master, to order me to ask and prevent the answer, and You are the Grantor of all bounties on all residents of Your kingdom and the Giver of Your consoling tenderness.

O' my Lord! You have brought me up in Your gifts, and bounties since I was youthful, and elevated my designation as I grew older, So, O' the One who brought me up in this life with His benevolence, bountifulness and blessings, and indicated to me His forgiveness and generosity in the hereafter. My knowledge, O' my Master, is that which guides me to You and my love is my intercessor to You, and I am trusting of my evidence with Your guidance and comfortable of my intercessor with Your intercession. I pray to You, O' my master, with a tongue that has been paralyzed by its sin, O' my Lord, I confide to You with a heart that has been doomed by its mischief; I pray to You, O' my Lord, frightened but wishful, hopeful but fearful If I contemplate my sins, O' my Lord, I become scared, but when I remember Your generosity I yearn, So, if You forgive, You are the most merciful and if You punish, You have not unjustly judged. My excuse, O' Allah in my daring to ask You, even though I have committed what You hate, is Your benevolence and generosity, and my preparation for my adversity, given that I lack shyness (in committing sin), is Your forbearance and mercy. And I am wishful that my hope will not be disappointed, so fulfill my ambition and accept my prayer, O' The Best who was ever prayed to! O' The Most bountiful who was ever wished! My hope, my Master is ever great, but my deeds have worsened, so grant me from Your pardon by as much as I had hoped, and please, do not judge me by my worst mischief, for Your generosity is greater than punishing the sinners, and Your forbearance and patience is higher than recompensing the inadequates. I am, my Master, seeking refuge through Your bountifulness, I am escaping from You to You, while anticipating Your promise to forgive those who possessed good convictions toward You. Who am I, my Lord, and what is my danger! Provide me with Your bounties and grant me charity with Your pardon, O' my Lord, cover me with Your protection and pardon me of my punishment by the honor of you face. For if any one today other than You would have known of my sin, I would not have sinned, And if I feared that You may hasten my punishment, I would have avoided sinning, Not because You are not an important watcher, nor an unworthy onlooker, but because You, my Lord, are the best secret keeper, and the Wisest of all rulers, and Most generous of all generous. O' Protector of secrets! O' Oft-forgiver of sins! O' Knower of all that is hidden! You protect the secretive sin with Your generosity and You delay my punishment with Your patience, So to You extends all the Praise for having known and yet been patient, and for having pardoned even though You are capable (of punishing). And what motivates and dares me to disobey You is Your patience with me, and what invites me to the lack of shyness (from You) is Your protection of my (concealed) sins. And what rushes me towards Your forbidden actions is my awareness of the vastness of Your mercy and the greatness of Your forgiveness. O' Forbearer! O' Generous! O' One who is living and self-subsisting! O' Forgiver of sin! O' Acceptor of repentance! O' Greatest giver of all good! O' Ancient in bountifulness! I call upon Your beautiful protection of secrets, I call upon Your abundant pardon, I call upon Your neighboring relief, I call upon Your quick rescue, I call upon Your vast mercy and compassion, I call upon Your bountiful gifts, I call upon Your blessed awards, I call upon Your splendid favors, I call upon Your immense bountifulness, I call upon Your enormous endowments, I call upon Your ancient benefaction, I call upon Your benevolence, O' Most Generous. By it (what I mentioned of Your features) I seek Your rescue, and by Your compassion, please relieve me. O' Benevolent! O' Creator of beauty! O' Benefactor! O' Bountiful! I do not depend on our (good) deeds to achieve salvation from Your punishment, rather I trust it to Your bountifulness toward us, for You are the Lord of righteousness and the Lord of forgiveness. You initiate Your giving through Your graciousness and You pardon sin with Your generosity, and we do not know what we should praise more, is it the beauties that You distribute or the sins whose secretiveness You protect, or the greatness of what You have granted and fulfilled or the many misfortunes You have averted and ills You have cured. O' The lover of whomever endeared You! O' The delight of the eye of who sought You for refuge and dedicated himself to You! You are the well doer and we are the sinners, So pardon, O' my Lord, the ugly that we have with the beauties that You have, And what ignorance, O' my Lord, can not be accommodated by Your benevolence? And what era is longer than Your patience? And what significance is our deeds compared with Your awards? And how can we hail our good deeds when we observe Your generosity? Yet how can sinners despair when they are encompassed by Your vast mercy? O' Vast Forgiver! O' Extender of both hands with mercy! I swear with Your exalted might, O' Master, that if You rebuked me, I would not depart from Your door, and I won't cease to compliment You since I have indeed come to grasp the knowledge of Your generosity and benevolence, And You are the doer of whatever You desire, You punish whomever You wish, with whatever You wish, and however You wish, and You bestow Your mercy on whomever You wish, with whatever You wish, and however You wish, You are never questioned about Your doings, neither is there any struggle in Your kingdom, nor is there any partnership in Your command, or conflict in Your judgment, and no one can oppose You in Your disposition of affairs, To You belongs all of the creation and command, Indeed Allah, the Most Glorious, is the Cherisher and Sustainer of the worlds. O' my Lord! This is the posture of the one who sought refuge through You and allied himself with Your generosity, and became accustomed to Your forbearance and favors, And You are the benevolent whose forgiveness is never strained, neither are Your bounties ever decreasing, nor is Your mercy ever lacking, And we have known with certainty of Your ancient pardon, great bountifulness and vast mercy, Would You, O' Allah, ever disappoint our thoughts or let down our hopes? No never, O' Most Generous! for it is not what we expect of You, nor is it what we aspire for, O' Allah, we have a greater and ever lasting hope in You, We anticipate prolonged and immense prospect in You, We anticipate great desire in You, We disobeyed You and now we wish that You protect our secret (sins), And we prayed to You and we hope You would answer us, So fulfill our aspiration, O' our Master, for otherwise, we realize (the punishment) we deserve as a result of our bad deeds, But Your awareness of our conduct and our knowledge that You indeed won't send us away from You, has motivated us to seek You, and even though we are not worthy of Your mercy, You are worthy of bestowing Your generosity on us and on all the sinners due to Your vast compassion, So, award us with what You are worthy of, and grant us for we are in need of Your bounty. O' Most Forgiving! With Your light we were guided and with Your bounties we became richer, and with Your favors we are encountered mornings and evenings, Our sins are before You and we ask You, O' Master, for forgiveness and we hereby repent, You befriend us with Your gifts but we reward You by sins, Your bounty to us is ever descending, but our mischief to You is (ever) ascending. And from before and until now, Your honored angel still brings You the news of our ugly deeds but that does not prevent You from continuing to surround us with Your grace, and kindly provide us with Your holy features. So, I glorify and praise You for the extent of Your patience, greatness and generosity as a Beginner (of creation) and eventual Claimer of this world. Holiest are Your names, And glorified is Your praise, And honored are Your favors and good deeds.

You, my Lord, are more vast in bounty and greater in patience and clemency than to judge me according to my wrong doing and fault, So I beg You : Forgiveness, forgiveness, forgiveness, O' my Master, O' my Master, O' my Master. O' Lord! Occupy our time with Your remembrance, And guard us from Your wrath, And protect us from Your punishment, And grant us from Your rewards, And award us from Your bounties, And provides us the means to conduct pilgrimage to Your house (Ka'ba), and to visit the tomb of Your Prophet, may Your peace, mercy, forgiveness and graciousness be bestowed upon him and his family, Indeed, You are close and forthcoming with Your answer (to our prayers). And assist us in abiding by Your obedience, and claim our souls while we are in Your (righteous) congregation and followers of the tradition of Your Prophet, may peace of Allah be upon him and his family. O' Lord! Forgive me and my parents and grant them mercy as they have raised me since I was youthful, reward their good deeds with bountifulness and (pardon) their sins with forgiveness. O' Lord! Forgive the believers, be they men or women, living or dead, and let us follow on their path with good deeds. O' Lord! Forgive (for) the living or deceased of us, (believers) the present and the absent, our male and female, our young and old, our free and our slave, Indeed the antagonists of Allah lied and enormously wandered astray, and incurred a major loss. O' Lord! Bestow Your peace on Muhammad and his family, and conclude my life in virtue, and resolve what worries me from the affairs of this life and in the hereafter, and do not allow anyone who won't treat me justly to come in contact with me, and provide me with Your everlasting protection and do not deprive me of the best of the amenities. You graced me with, and confer on me from Your bounties, vast awards that are lawful and good. O' Lord! Guard me with Your safeguard, And protect me with Your protection, And ally me with Your alliance, And award me the ability to conduct pilgrimage to Your sacred house (Ka'ba) in this year and in every year, and to visit the tomb of Your prophet and the Imams, peace be upon them, and do not deprive me, Oh Lord, from visiting these honorable sanctuaries and noble positions. O' Lord! Accept my repentance so that I may not disobey You, And inspire me with righteousness and its implementation, And the observance of Your presence in the night and the day as long as You let me live, O' Allah and Cherisher of the worlds. O' Lord! I, whenever I thought I was prepared and ready and rose to pray, before Your hands, and confided to You, You cast sleep on me when I prayed, and You prevented me from confiding to You when I confided, Why is it that whenever I felt content about the goodness of my core, and my companionships have neared that of the repentants, a sin would occur and cause my feet to stumble, and deprive me from Your service, O' my Master, Maybe You have expelled me from Your door, and retired me from Your service, or maybe You observed my disregard of Your right on me and thus distanced me, or maybe You saw me headed away from (Your path) and thus You withdrew me, or maybe You found me to be in the position of the liars so You rejected me, or maybe You saw that I was not grateful of Your rewards so You deprived me, or maybe You observed my absence from the assembly of the scholars and thus put me down, or maybe You found me to be one of the unheeding so You despaired me from Your mercy, or maybe You found me frequenting the assembly of the unfaithful, so between me and them You deserted me, or maybe You did not like to listen to my prayers so You distanced me, or maybe You equated me with my crime and sin, or maybe You punished me for my lack of shyness from You. So if You forgive, O' Lord, You have forgiven the many sinners before me. For Your generosity, O' Lord, is higher than punishing the delinquents, and I am seeking refuge with Your bountifulness, and I am escaping from You to You, and anticipating Your promise to pardon those who possessed good convictions about You. O' My Lord! You are more vast in bountifulness and greater in patience than to judge me according to my deed, or to stumble me with my sin. And who am I, my Master, and what is my danger? award me Your benevolence, O' my Master! And render me Your pardon, and cover me with the protection of my secrets, and pardon me from Your chastisement with Your benevolent face. O' Master! I am the young one whom You raised, And I am the ignorant whom You educated, And I am the misled whom You guided, And I am the humiliated one whom You elevated, And I am the frightened one whom You safeguarded, And the hungry one whom You fed, And the thirsty whose thirst You quenched, And the naked whom You dressed, And the poor whom You made wealthy, And the weak whom You strengthened, And the insignificant whom You honored, And the sick whom You cured, And the beggar whom You provided charity to, And the sinner whose secret You have protected, And the wrong doer whom You aided, And I am the little (creature) You made more significant, And the oppressed whom You made victorious, And I am the escapee whom You gave refuge to, I am the one, O' Allah, who did not revere You (when I committed sins) in my seclusions, nor observed Your (commands) in public, I am the possessor of the great craftiness (bad intentions), I am the one who dared His Master, I am the one who disobeyed the Commander of the skies, I am the one who awarded the briberies upon the disobeying of the Magnificent (Allah), I am the one who when I was forewarned about it (sins), I hastily raced to it, I am the one whom You awaited (His reverence) but I did not comprehend, and You veiled my secret (sins) but I did not become demure, and I committed sins until I belligerently insisted, and You then disregarded me but I did not care, but with Your benevolence, You postponed my punishment, and with Your veil, You safeguarded my secret (sins) as if You have overlooked me, and You shielded me from punishment called upon me by my sins all to the extent that it appeared as if You shied off from me. O' my Lord! I did not disobey You when I did because I rejected Your divinity, or because I belittled Your commands, or that I was daringly challenging Your punishment, or that I did not appreciate Your forewarning, Yet the mistake has occurred, and my self misled me, and my sinful desires won over me, and my misery helped me to it, and Your protective veil over my sins lured me, For I have disobeyed You and opposed You with my own will, and now from Your retribution who would rescue me, and from the hands of Your angels of punishment tomorrow (in the hereafter), who would redeem me, and with whose rope do I hold on to if You cut off Your rope from me, so what a pity for what Your book has recorded on me, Indeed, if it was not for my anticipation of Your generosity and vast mercifulness as well as Your ordering me not to lose hope (in Your salvation) that I would have despaired whenever I remembered it (my sin). O' the Best of whom a worshiper has ever prayed, and the Foremost of whom anyone has wished! O' Lord! In the name of the esteemed Islam, I implore You, And with the holy Qur'an I take witness to You, And with my love for the unschooled Prophet (Muhammad) The Quraishian (the main tribe in Mecca) The Hashimite (The family name of Prophet Muhammad), The Arabian, The Tuhamian (the name of the region where Quraish is located) The Meccan, The Medinan (tracing prophet Muhammad's roots to the city of Medina where He migrated to), I seek to be closer to You (I seek favor to You) So please do not disrupt the serenity of my faith, And please do not cause my ultimate destiny to be similar to that of those who worshipped other than You. For, indeed there are some who believed only to the extent of their tongues so that they may save their lives and they gathered what they wished, But we have believed in You with our tongues and with our hearts so that You may pardon us, So grant us what we wish for, And anchor our hope in You, in our hearts, And do not let our hearts go astray after You have guided us, And grant us Your mercy, Indeed You are the Utmost Granter. And I swear with Your glory, that even if You send me away that I would not depart from Your door, and I would not cease to compliment You, for my heart has been fully inspired with the knowledge of Your benevolence and vastness of compassion. To where would a slave go but to his master, To where would a creature seek refuge but to his Creator. O' my Lord! Even if You tied me with the chains of hell, And You deprived me Your flowing stream (of favors) from between the witnesses (of the day of Judgment), And You pointed out my scandals to the eyes of Your worshipers, And You ordered me to hell, And You isolated me from the company of the faithfuls, I would not end my hope in You, and I would not dismiss my reassurance of Your pardon, and my love to You would not depart from my heart, I do not forget the helping hand You bestowed upon me, and Your protection of my secrets in life.

O' my Master! Remove the adoration of worldliness from my heart, And unite me with Mustafa (Muhammad: the chosen messenger) and his family, the dearest of Your creatures and the last of the prophets, Muhammad, Peace from Allah upon him and his family, And transfer me to the level of repentance to You, And help me to cry for myself for I have wasted my life away with procrastination and false hopes, And now I have come to You hopeless of my goodness, Who is more worse off than me, if now I am passed on in my present state to a grave that I have not prepared for my repose and I did not line with good deeds for my drowse, And why would I not weep for I have no knowledge of my fate and I observe my self deceiving itself, and my days are fading away, and the wings of death have flapped close by, So why wouldn't I cry! I cry for surrendering my life, I cry because of the darkness of my grave, I cry because of the narrowness of my grave, I cry for the questioning of Munkar and Nakeer of me (the names of the two angels that question the dead after being laid in the graves), I cry from my leaving my grave (in the hereafter) naked, humiliated and carrying my book (of deeds) on my back, I look to the right once and to the left once and I discover that people today have other concern than mine, for every person that day has a concern of his own, some faces today are bright, laughing and joyful, while other faces that day are dusty, loaded with submission and humility. O' Master! I settle my destination, dependence, hope and reliance upon You, And with Your mercy, I cling; You bestow Your mercy on whomever You please and You guide with Your benevolence whomever You like, So praise to You for Your purifying my heart from taking false partners to You, And praise to You for releasing my tongue, Is it with this heavy tongue of mine I thank You or with the utmost effort of mine do I satisfy You? And what is the value of my tongue, O' Lord, when it comes to thanking You? And what is the value of my good deeds beside Your gifts and fortitude with me? O' my Lord! Indeed Your generosity has expanded my hope (in You), And your acceptance has led to the taking of my deed. O' my Master! To You I direct my aim, fear, and meditation, And my hope has driven me to You, And on You O' Mighty One, I concentrate my initiative, And upon what You possess I unfolded my desire, And my ultimate hope and fear rest upon You, And with You, I cheerfully contemplated Your adoration And I spread my hands wide open to You, And with the rope of Your obedience I eased my fear. O' my Lord! In Your remembrance, my heart flourished, And in confiding to You, I relieved my pain of fright. So, O' my Lord! And O' the One whom I hope! And O' the One who is the Ultimate Destination and Grantor of my request! Separate between me and this sin of mine that disables me from abiding by Your obedience, For I only ask You due to the ancient and long resting of hope upon You as well as the great coveting of You, in what You obliged yourself with from compassion and mercy. Evidently, the command is yours, for You are the only One without partners, and all creatures are in Your maintenance and within Your grip, and everything submits to You, blessed You are O' Lord and Cherisher of the worlds. O' my Lord! Bestow Your mercy upon me when my excuses have failed and when my tongue has ceased to be able to answer to You (on judgment day) and my intellect has subsided upon Your questioning, So O' to whom I submit my utmost hope, do not disappoint me when my tragedy has intensified, and do not reject me due to my ignorance and conceit, and do not deprive me (Your mercy) due to my lack of patience, and provide for me for I am poor, and bestow Your mercy upon me for I am weak. O' my Master! Upon You I rest my dependence, destination, hope and reliance, And with Your mercy I cling, And on Your grounds, I conclude my journey, And to Your generosity I direct my request, And with Your generosity, O' Allah, I commence my prayer, And with You I seek relief from my indigence, And with Your wealth I mend my poverty, And under the shadow of Your pardon, I stand, And to Your generosity and benevolence, I raise my eyesight, And to Your favor, I prolong my vision, So, burn me not in the hell fire because

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